NFC Roja emphasizes the long-term growth of our players through a well-rounded training approach. We believe a positive team sport experience promotes a girl’s self-confidence and self-esteem beyond the field of competition. Our goal is to create a complete soccer player with the love for the game and a higher chance for future success.

In addition to developing the all-around player, NFC ROJA aims to build players both physically and psychologically. Our emphasis will focus on improving physical activity, which, unfortunately, has declined in today's society, where children go out and play on their own.

We intend to teach our players valuable lessons through competition and prepare them for any challenges along the way, whether it be on and off the pitch. While we stress that “winning is not always important,” we also emphasize that “wanting to win” is essential. Roja is a competitive soccer club and strives to win every game, but we continuously aim to do so in a way that is consistent with our club's overall mission.

ROJA will engage the whole community to be involved with our club development and successes with a variety of effective alliances, partnerships and networks.


ROJA endeavors to offer the best coaches possible for our youth as well as competition commensurate with players’ abilities. The ROJA staff takes an enthusiastic and professional approach to achieve team success across all our programs and to compete at the highest level within the state, region and nationally.