Chad Powell joined ROJA Futbol Club in 2018, currently coaching the ROJA 2006 Premier team.

Powell has coached at the club level in Nebraska for over 15 years. Originally a boy's coach, Powell started his career with the Bellevue Soccer Club (2001-06) and spent six seasons with the Phoenix Futbol Club (2009-15) before joining NFC in 2016.

Powell was a four-year letter winner at Bellevue University. He has two daughters, Hayden and Zoe, who play for ROJA.

Why I coach?

I love to see players develop and learn on and off the field, all while having fun. Some players progress faster than others, but when the 'Ah-ha' moment clicks or the player(s) don't notice it, that's the beauty of coaching. I've coached several players to play other sports (basketball, football, wrestling, and tennis) aside from strictly soccer.

Why did I choose to coach at ROJA?

What drew my attention to ROJA was the players that love to play, and coaches that want what is best for the players. You can have this tremendous philosophical approach in a club that sounds good, but ROJA has been a club that stands behind it. They’re not only about developing soccer players but developing life skills through the game that will continue with them long term.

Coaching Education

US Soccer 'E' License